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How to Prepare Metal for Welding

Posted - 02/07/2012

Welding enables you to fuse and shape metal objects. It is essential that you properly prepare your metal surfaces before attempting to weld them together. Failure to perform this step compromises the integrity of your weld. Put on protective eye wear and gloves. Inspect the metal surfaces for any coatings. If a coating is present, use a grinder to remove it prior to welding. Clean any surface rust from the metal. You can accomplish this with the grinder or steel wool. Remove any old or bad welds.

For straight metal surfaces, you can use a flat grinder. Material that has different shapes requires the use of an angle grinder. Create a new, clean edge that will ensure that the new weld will hold. It is better to start fresh than to try and repair inferior welds. A new weld will be cleaner and stronger. Spray the metal with a carburetor or electrical equipment cleaner. Wipe the surface to remove any grease or dirt. Rinse the metal with clean water to remove any residue, and allow it to dry completely. It’s critical that the metal be properly prepared or the weld will fail. Contact a professional welding company if you need assistance.
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